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Unlocking Flavorful Delights: The Inspiring Journey of Salsitas Mendoza from Sandy, Utah

Unlocking Flavorful Delights: The Inspiring Journey of Salsitas Mendoza from Sandy, Utah

Founded by the dynamic duo, Sergio and Linnaea Mendoza, Salsitas Mendoza has risen to prominence as a cherished household name with a remarkable tale. Amidst the challenging landscape of the 2008 Great Recession, Co-founder Sergio Mendoza encountered unexpected unemployment, leading him on a quest for additional income. Meanwhile, Linnaea, then a dedicated medical assistant, discovered a unique talent – crafting delectable salsas, initially intended as heartfelt gifts for friends and family during the festive Christmas season.

The Spark Ignites: Salsas that Captivate Hearts
Linnaea's artisanal salsas struck a resounding chord, captivating taste buds and winning hearts with their unparalleled flavor profiles. The overwhelmingly positive response sparked a fervor for more, as demand soared beyond imagination. In response to the growing clamor, Linnaea and Sergio embarked on a spirited venture, showcasing their family's cherished salsas at a modest outdoor market. The result? An astounding outpouring of community support that reverberated beyond their wildest dreams, culminating in a sold-out debut on the very first day.

Cultivating Community Bonds: From Market to Valley
Energized by the resounding success of their inaugural market endeavor, Linnaea and Sergio's determination soared. Driven by their shared passion and a commitment to spreading culinary joy, the duo promptly extended their reach, becoming a familiar presence at various farmers markets spanning the expansive valley. Their unwavering dedication to delivering authentic flavors nurtured deep-rooted connections within the community, forging a treasured bond that continues to flourish.

Salsitas Mendoza: A Flavorful Legacy
Today, Salsitas Mendoza stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its founders, a beacon of passion, resilience, and authentic craftsmanship. With each jar of salsa, a slice of the Mendoza family's heartwarming story is shared, enriching palates and uniting communities one delectable bite at a time.

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As popularity grew
"From Modest Beginnings to Nationwide Delights: Salsitas Mendoza's Remarkable Growth Story

In perfect harmony with its soaring popularity, our product range and dedicated team have flourished. Today, our collection boasts an impressive lineup of 16 diverse salsas, tantalizing chips, and exquisite cooking sauces – an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

A Taste Sensation Spreading its Wings
Our offerings have transcended boundaries, now gracing the shelves of more than 100 prestigious grocery stores. These delectable creations have also found a welcoming home in charming mercantiles scattered across our beloved state. The pride that swells within us is matched only by the gratitude we feel for being an active contributor to the vibrancy of our local economy and the thriving community of Farmers in Utah.

A Community-Powered Culinary Revolution
The backbone of our journey is the unyielding support we have received from our cherished community. This encouragement has propelled Salsitas Mendoza to new heights, solidifying our mission to bring the rich tapestry of Authentic Mexican flavors to dining tables throughout the United States. With each jar of salsa, chip, and sauce, we continue to honor our commitment to delivering nothing short of the finest, high-quality products.

A Flavorful Future Awaits
As we stand at the crossroads of our journey, we remain steadfast in our resolve to uphold the legacy of Salsitas Mendoza. Propelled by the same passion that ignited our inception, we look ahead with unwavering determination. With the continued support of our community, we are poised to etch our flavorful mark on dinner tables across the nation, ensuring that the authentic taste of Mexico graces every meal, every gathering, and every celebration.

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During Utah’s harvest season we partner with local farmers to provide our customers with produce picked at its peak for both freshness and flavor! This partnership provides our customers with the highest quality homestyle, Mexican food on the market as well as a sizable economic boost to Utah’s agricultural businesses.

Meet Our Team

Linnaea Mendoza

Linnaea is not only the co-owner of Salsitas Mendoza, she is also the brains behind Salsitas. She handles our sales, customer interactions, and all the fun paperwork that needs to get done to make sure that everything goes smoothly. On top of that, she’s a super mom to five amazing kids.

Sergio Mendoza

Sergio is not only co-owner of Salsitas Mendoza but he is also the head of production. He’s one of the hardest working and most dedicated people we have, and we don’t know where we’d be without him. You can often find him dancing, singing, and cooking lunch in our kitchen.

Marisela Mendoza

Marisela is an amazing leader, organizer and hard worker. She is currently attending SLCC’s Nursing Program and will soon start her career in the NICU. She works alongside her dad, Sergio Mendoza, producing our line of salsas. Not only is she an amazing member of our production team, she also handles our marketing and sales.

Jonathon Mendoza

Jonathon is our classic car enthusiast, who also owns his own company making t-shirts and stickers for other small businesses. He’s our night crew manager who leads our chip production for all of our wholesale accounts and markets. If John isn’t at the kitchen, you can find his friendly face selling you salsa at our farmers markets!


Alonso works alongside Jonathon producing our fresh tortilla chips. Although he’s quiet, he’s always willing to help whenever we need him. When he’s not working, Alonso enjoys going out with his friends and dancing the night away.

Veronica Lara

Veronica is our right hand woman when it comes to production, she works alongside Marisela and Sergio Mendoza ensuring all of our salsas are perfect. Veronica loves music, any time you come into the kitchen you’ll be sure to hear music and her singing her heart out.